18 Jan 2024

Running Calendar for 2024

This list of events and results will be continuously updated throughout the year.

The highlight for this year will be my UTMB full loop entry. I’ve failed the lottery in earlier years, but through the gathering of running stones in qualifying races I’ve now gained entry to the UTMB finals.

I’ll do a few other trail races in the build-up to this race in order to prepare myself in the best way possible. Since I live in Amsterdam, which is flat as a pancake, I’m planning to spend multiple months in the mountains this year.

Last kilometers of the Kloetloop - ©️ fm fotografie


January Battle finished

The January Battle is an annual online running event that unites running crews all over the world in their quest to run as many miles as possible. Ranking happens based on the top 5 women and top 5 men for each crew, and there is an individual ceiling of 400km. Hence, most people set their goal to run the 400km by the end of the month and some even sooner.

As part of my running crew Amsterdam Running Junkies, I ran 400km in just 12 days and managed to finish with a 72km run from Amersfoort to Amsterdam.


Vondelparkloop finished

  • Distance: 10km

  • Finish time: 35:04


Kloetloop 2nd 🥈

  • Distance: 16.1km

  • Finish time: 58:08


Alkmaar City Run 3rd in cat. 🥉 (5th overall)

  • Distance: 5km

  • Finish time: 16:59

Trail Alsace Grand Est 🏔️ top 4.7%

  • Distance: 50km

  • Elevation: 1,990m

  • Finish time: 5:04:45


The Longest Day

  • Duration: 17h split between 2 people

  • Total distance ran: 70km

Val d’Aran 🏔️

  • Distance: 110km

  • Elevation: 6,400m

  • Finish time: 98km DNF (health reasons)


UTMB Mont-Blanc 🏔️

  • Distance: 171km

  • Elevation: 10,000m