Gersom van Ginkel


Hi There! πŸ‘‹

From Amsterdam with love, this is the space where I write about software development, running, veganism, and other personal interests.


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I’m an Amsterdam-based freelance full-stack JavaScript developer that is looking for challenging projects with social or sustainable impact. Most of my current time is spent coding in React (Native) and NodeJS.

One of the activities that define me is running. I share this passion with my crew, the Amsterdam Running Junkies. I mostly run on the road but I’m in my happiest state when I’m on a mountain trail. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of barefoot running, so I run all my runs in minimal shoes.

I have a huge interest in sustainability and I believe that veganism is the way forward. It’s the ultimate win-win-win, cutting back on emissions and land use, improving people’s health, and helping us to learn to respect all kinds of animals. To help people in the Netherlands with the initial threshold of becoming vegan, I built an app called Plenty. This app helps them to find (accidentally) vegan products in the supermarket.